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Shawn Paris is an American Jazz Singer, Frontman, Musician and Songwriter. Having entertained around the world for the past 35 years he always finds a place in his audience’s hearts. Shawn’s voice has been described as a “vocal martini” made of equal parts “softness” and “smoothness” with a special “romantic twist”. From soft loving ballads, up-tempo swing tunes, jazz standards, hard hitting “big band blasters”, classic show tunes, rocking R&B and soul classics to modern pop songs, Shawn Paris does it all in his own special way. 


Hailing from Bethlehem, PA, Shawn was born into a musical family with both his father and grandfather as musicians to inspire him. He played his first professional gig at age 11 as a bass guitarist and lead singer and at 15 he studied music and voice in Salzburg, Austria. Upon returning to the states at age 16 Shawn worked as a studio musician at the famed Bobby Dukoff Studios in Miami with renowned jazz musicians Ira Sullivan and Joe Diorio.  He then moved on to study at the University of Miami School of Jazz and was invited to work as an apprentice at the legendary Criteria Recording Studios in Miami. There he had the pleasure of rubbing elbows with many of the world’s music giants including Stephen Stills, the Allman Brothers and the father of modern recording Tom Dowd. “It was an amazing experience” says Shawn, “You never knew who would walk in the door from Eric Clapton to Aretha Franklin and it taught me that with talent and a little luck everyone has a chance to catch their dream”. 


In his creative career as an entertainer Shawn has done over 4,000 live shows and continues a busy schedule performing to rave reviews at concerts, special events and club dates worldwide. As a performer he continues to develop a special relationship with his audiences connecting with each person in the crowd in a magical way and communicating the emotions of each and every song. 


Shawn has just finished writing and arranging a new album of 13 original big band style love songs in the 1930’s/1940’s tradition called “It’s Never Too Late To Fall In Love” and is excited to bring his ultimate vision of love to the world. “What a pleasure it was to write a concept album of all original songs, forgetting that we are in the midst of a Hi-Tech revolution and imagining that I was still in that romantic Sinatra era” says Shawn, “It opened up so many wonderful sweet nostalgic musical visions which I conveyed in these songs”.


Shawn is also continually expanding his horizons musically. In addition to his love for singing traditional jazz standards he also enjoys fusing multiple musical genres combining styles from the traditional to the cutting edge. He recently recorded an innovative musical duet and music video with Rap/Hip Hop artist “Preach Preacher” in a blend of Rap and Sinatra styles for a totally unique and unprecedented version of “Fly Me 2 Da Moon”. “Just as through technology our cultures are blending around the world, so are our musical styles”, says Shawn “I really love joining vocals, instruments, genres and cultures in ways that have never been done before and believe that with love for the old and acceptance for the new there is no limit to what we can do”.








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